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Old Java

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Old Java

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STRENGTH: Medium/Strong

Searching for a coffee with a bit of zing? Our Old Java artisan roast is stunningly different, with its clean and distinctive citrusy edge.

Bursting with tangerine flavours and a zesty body that packs a punch in both espresso and milk based drinks, it offers a unique taste sensation that's quite unlike any other Indonesian coffee.

Grown on the island above 900 metres, these highly sought after beans offer coffee connoisseurs a delicious fruity experience that'll brighten even the dullest day. So why not throw some in the pot and find out what you're missing!

Our Javanese Coffee


Grown on the east side of the Ijen Volcano Complex at over 1400 metres, our Javanese beans offer an explosive citrusy taste sensation that will take your daily coffee experience to new heights.

Our Grinds

We offer three options that you can choose to optimise the coffee flavour to your taste.

Whole Bean

For those of you who love to grind at home this gives the most flexibilty.

Coarse Grind

A grind perfect for use in a cafetière or filter machine.

Fine Grind

A grind for your espresso machine or stovetop espresso pot.