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Premium Roast
Premium Roast

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Premium Roast

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STRENGTH: Medium/Strong

Looking to create the ultimate Italian espresso at home? Our Premium Roast coffee, made from 100% Brazilian Arabica beans, provides the perfect base.

It's no surprise that these shiny, dark gems are regarded as the best and most desirable Fairtrade beans in the world.

Hand-roasted using traditional Italian methods, they offer a full flavoured roast with a delicate sweet overtone - the barista's dream golden crema.

Robust enough to cut through even the milkiest of coffees, or savour it straight for a full on authentic Italian experience.

Our Brazilian Coffee


Brazil is the world's leading grower and exporter of coffee beans, with a mellow flavor that makes for a delicious dark roast.

Our Grinds

We offer three options that you can choose to optimise the coffee flavour to your taste.

Whole Bean

For those of you who love to grind at home this gives the most flexibilty.

Coarse Grind

A grind perfect for use in a cafetière or filter machine.

Fine Grind

A grind for your espresso machine or stovetop espresso pot.